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Innovation by definition means new idea or method or device. Innovation can be achieved through more effective and efficient processes, services, technology and products. It should be original and unique. To excel in any field, we need to update our skills and keep on learning new technologies. Innovation is always an outcome of creativity. And our innovation should get better results in the applicable field than the previous one. Only with innovative ideas, a company can grow in their respective field. It is a very essential growth factor from a small sized business enterprise to large multinational companies. Innovations should bring positive changes in all aspects including efficiency, quality, competitiveness, productivity, and market value.

All the companies can do innovations from colleges, hospital, service providers, hotels or even government organizations. Any work can be done innovatively. Sometimes innovative ideas may end up causing losses also. So it is always better to keep checking on the results. Based on the measure, we can decide whether we can use that innovation or not.


Creativity and curiosity are the key elements for any innovation. Innovation is the key to success. In many organizations, they keep a major budget for innovative projects. There is a separate research and development team in many companies to carry out innovative projects. They will also have an individual team working on innovative ideas. People who come up with innovative ideas will be rewarded. The world’s innovative companies are the most leading companies in their field. Any ideas are considered as innovative when they increase the productivity, minimize the man efforts and maximize the organization’s profit.

The steps involved in innovation process are knowledge, forming an attitude, decision making, implementation and confirmation. Once innovation has happened we can spread the knowledge to all others in the group. Innovation will certainly replace the older technologies or products with the newer one. The measurement of innovations of an organization can be determined from the success of the project. The world leading companies are now investing a major budget for innovation for example in research and development projects.

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